Image Breakdown: Slide Longboarding

Kyle Nienhouse Longboarding in Avon, CO

Capturing sports is all about timing, and the right subject matter.  Master these and shoot at the best times of day and you are well on your way to capture amazing images. For this shoot I wanted to capture cool and unique longboarding images that showcase excitement and speed without using motion blur.  With any shoot it's all about location and talent first.  Scouting ahead is highly recommended.  This includes both…

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Image Breakdown: Teva Biker Jump

Teva Biker Jumping by Connor Walberg

I've said it before, and I'll say it again….  Competitions are possibly the best way to experiment and capture tons of amazing angles.  They allow you to shoot the top tier athletes on all kinds of features and provide great accessibility.  That being said, if you haven't had a chance to shoot one yet, I highly recommend finding the next competition for the sport you would like to shoot and…

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Image breakdown – Double eXposure

There is nothing new about shooting skiing at night, but what's different in this photo is the double exposure. By that I mean that this photo was created from two different exposures.  One for the athlete, and another one for the night sky, and the buildings.  This technique works really well, because it creates a lot of depth in the shot.  Instead of having a black backdrop behind the athlete,…

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Image Breakdown: Between the trees, Flat Threes.

Shots composed between trees or other objects always have an extra kick of excitement.  When you take great action, and add some branches, the image is taken up from level 10, and cranked all the way to 11! Photo and Article by Connor Walberg Sure, it may seem like something this simple can't possibly make that much of a difference, but there's something about looking through a window to see…

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