Athlete’s Perspective Ep.1 – with Palmer Hoyt

APS Original Series: Shooting action sports always involves athletes.  With this original series APS is unveiling what goes on inside their heads during photo shoots.  Our athletes share their experiences and some great tips on how we(as a team) can capture better images.  Our first guest is professional athlete Palmer Hoyt @ . 

Weather and Photography with Expert Joel Gratz

Since most action sports take place outdoors, weather is a HUGE factor.  But with a great forecast, we can time out when and where to go shoot for the best possible results.  For skiing and snowboarding photographers, a correct forecast can lead to amazing powder images, or gray flat images that just don’t make the cut… Action Photo School recently spoke with Joel Gratz, a weather expert who has been…

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Quality or Content

Here's a question that matters in any business.  Is it better to have a quality product, or a unique product?  Why not have both!  Photos can be viewed as products too.  Sometimes a pretty bad photo will sell for a great amount of money simply because of the content.  The content is what makes the photo unique and desirable.   Bad photos can sell over great photos if the content…

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Mental Imaging

On the past couple of shoots I've come to realize that I mentally picture entire shoots and possible angles before moving to the location or even getting to the shoot.  This is a skill that takes time to develop, but being able to pre-visualize a shot before you carry the gear over to it can save time and energy, and helps with figuring out the best angles. Even when I'm…

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Photo shoots rarely go as planned

After years of experience shooting, there is one thing that I have found to be consistent, shoots almost never go as planned!   This may not be true for studio shoots and controlled environments, but when it comes to shooting with athletes outdoors, there are so many factors that can greatly change the shoot as a whole.  I experienced a shoot like this last week when I went to Breckenridge…

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Photography Freedom

Freedom as a photographer

Over my photography career I've worked very hard to get to the point where I am today.  To be able to shoot any subject, at any time, and make money from the shoot.  It's work like this that I live for, to be outside enjoying a beautiful day with friends, shooting photos for fun, and be working all at the same time.  My stock agency, Getty Images, has allowed me…

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