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10 things not to do on a shoot

What not to do on a photo shoot

On the average day a normal person will commit at least 3 random acts of stupidity.  Ok, so we made that fact up, but it could be true… right?  It's easy to make simple mistakes and do things that we shouldn't.  Add to this the fact that on our first photo shoots, we are either going to be over-confident, or under-confident which will only amplify the mistakes.  Here are 10  things "Not-To-Do" on a shoot.


#1:  Treat the athlete like they are underneath you.  For that matter, don't treat anyone like that.  It will only aggravate them and the performance will drop.

#2:  Be afraid to direct the athlete/talent.  Everyone has a tough time with this at first.  If you take charge right away (without making them feel like they are underneath you), the athlete will respect your artistic vision and work harder for the shot.

#3:  Take too long setting up a shot.  This wastes time and aggravates the talent.

#4:  Put yourself in a dangerous or life-threatening position.  No shot is worth your life, know your abilities and don't risk it all for one photo.

#5:  Ask your athletes to step far out of their comfort zone for a shot.  You do want to work with them again, right?

#6:  Have your athletes place your flash, and pop it off right when they look at it….. Nobody likes this even if it's funny.

#7:  Test out brand new gear for the very first time on location.  It can work out, but rarely does.

#8:  Pass on taking a great shot because you've already captured what you set out for.  We all get tired and lose motivation.  Work through this and get more images per shoot!

#9:  Be closed-minded.  If the athlete has an idea, listen!  They know the sport and may guide you to your best shot ever.

#10:  Forget the radios.  Communication is key for setting a great shot up.  Bring the radios to coordinate the shot when the athlete's starting point is out of yelling range.


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