10 Tips for Shooting Freestyle Scootering

Although there has been a lot of resistance within the action sports community to the new boy on the scene there is no question now that freestyle scootering is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This trend has been seen played out before a number of times within the community. This is why I foresee a future where those core scooter riders who stick with the sport no matter…

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Image Breakdown: Slide Longboarding

Kyle Nienhouse Longboarding in Avon, CO

Capturing sports is all about timing, and the right subject matter.  Master these and shoot at the best times of day and you are well on your way to capture amazing images. For this shoot I wanted to capture cool and unique longboarding images that showcase excitement and speed without using motion blur.  With any shoot it's all about location and talent first.  Scouting ahead is highly recommended.  This includes both…

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Athlete’s Perspective Ep.1 – with Palmer Hoyt

APS Original Series: Shooting action sports always involves athletes.  With this original series APS is unveiling what goes on inside their heads during photo shoots.  Our athletes share their experiences and some great tips on how we(as a team) can capture better images.  Our first guest is professional athlete Palmer Hoyt @ http://www.palmerhoyt.com/ . 

Getting the Best Shots from Your Kicker Day

How to get the best shots from your Kicker day The snow has just fallen on the mountains, dusting the hills with pristine white powder and as any good snowboarder knows, it is best to hit the kicker within a few days after it's fallen. It is time to pack up your gear and tools to head up for some breathtaking vista, and heart pounding jumps. Grab your best hardworking…

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Weather and Photography with Expert Joel Gratz

Since most action sports take place outdoors, weather is a HUGE factor.  But with a great forecast, we can time out when and where to go shoot for the best possible results.  For skiing and snowboarding photographers, a correct forecast can lead to amazing powder images, or gray flat images that just don’t make the cut… Action Photo School recently spoke with Joel Gratz, a weather expert who has been…

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