Documentarian: Tobin Yelland. Ray Potes discusses how he started making zines as a better way to share his photos with friends who lived far away. Today, his zine ‘Hamburger Eyes’ is one of the most sought after around the world. While Ray may struggle at times living paycheck-to-paycheck, he wouldn’t trade his zine-making for anything and is happiest taking photos, making zines and having fun. To see more of Tobin…

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Brian Bielmann – The Legendary Surf Photog

Video Courtesy of Sanuk North Shore based surf photographer Brian Bielmann began shooting photos in 1978 and since then, has traveled the world with some of the best athletes on the planet. Watch as Sanuk goes behind the lens with Bielmann as he describes the highlights of his career. ___ The Surf Channel will be an original, free, ad supported television network delivered on cable, satellite and IPTV services, web…

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How to Create a Sick Action-Sports Video Edit

Those looking for advice on how to produce and improve their WASPcam action-sport camera edits, we highly recommend watching this short — and very entertaining — film on the main steps to creating an interesting video that will garner lots of love from your fans and friends. A big thanks to extreme.com for putting together this sick edit … of how to make a sick edit!