Play with Hi-Sync – BTS with Nadir Kahn

Experience and enjoy freedom with the Skyport HS transmitter with its Hi-Sync technology. Nadir Kahn uses an ELB 400 unit in this outdoor photoshoot to gain more control over each shot. With Hi-Sync technology, Nadir was able to obtain fast shutter speed to freeze motion and shoot directly against the sun.

GoPro Hero 5 Black – RAW Images

It is an exciting news that GoPro decided to add RAW capabilities to the newest GoPro Hero Black.  From this video you can get an idea on how good the images actually are, especially in low light.  As action sports photographer it's it always nice to have a tiny camera that you can mount anywhere. With 30 FPS Photo burst more, you can capture some amazing images.

Hi-Sync with Elinchrom Skyport HS

Michael Clark is one of those innovative photographers who always looks to expand his creativity. His ability to create visionary images through new technologies is what motivated us to ask him to play with the Skyport Plus HS. A transmitter that is a breakthrough in flash photography.