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BTS – Capturing Swimmers in Action


Take the knowledge from Nikon ambassador Andrew Hancock on how to push your creativity to the next level in the second part of the behind the scenes video on capturing swimmers in action.

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For me, photography is a journey. A journey, which so far has led to friendships, adventures, some disappointments and lots of fun. It is exciting – you never know for sure what it has to offer! A couple of years ago photography took me to the lovely town of Crested Butte in the state of Colorado, which as of right now I am calling “home”. My “real” home, however, is another small town in the mountains of Bulgaria. Traveling to different places, exploring the world around me, and praising all the beauty that surrounds us, was the main reason I picked up a camera and started clicking away. That same “clicking” undertook a metamorphosis into crafting a vision, into choosing kindness, adventure, compassion and love. Those are the main four adjectives that make me push when I cannot push any more; wake me up before sunrise, make me stay after sunset; put me down on the ground or up on a mountain peak. I never stopped crafting that vision!


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