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Welcome to Action Photo School!

APS was created by professional photographers, Connor Walberg and Daniel Milchev.  After realizing that there was a huge void for great content on how to shoot action, they decided it was time to create a resource based off their own professional experience.

APS is THE premier place to take your action photography to the next level and connect with other action photographers.  From capture to sale, Action Photo School will make you a better photographer!

Action Photo School is a very friendly environment aimed at helping teach EVERYONE.  If you have any materials that you would like to submit, please check out  the "Write For Us" section.   We are always looking for fresh, new articles to publish.  On top of that, we need more digital content including videos and your imagery.  If you have any great tutorials or tips please send them over and if we like them, we will publish them with a link back to your blog or personal website.  If you aren't a writer, but love APS, please consider linking to us with our pre-made links.

APS was created and is run by:

Connor Walberg   Daniel Milchev


With images published in Photoshop User, Outside, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, Powder, Skiing, Freeskier, BravoSki Japan, and Profifoto Magazines, 25 year old Connor Walberg has established himself within the action and photography communities.  An avid skier, mountain biker, and skater himself, Connor loves to explore and capture action in many different types of environments.

Connor is a firm believer that photographer's need to come up with their own niche and style, and loves to help other photographers create unique images.  After running All Photo Buzz (a blog teaching all kinds of photography techniques, marketing, and editing) for 2 years, he realized that there was a huge lack of information for action photographers available on the web.  After this realization, he began work with action photographer, Daniel Milchev.  Together, they created Action Photo School, the first and only website aimed at teaching action photography!  

Look for his work to continue to appear all over the world with Getty Images and through  action magazines.  Connor is currently sponsored by LumiQuest, DataColor, and Lensbaby

Connor also runs his own clothing company, called Concrete Coast Clothing.  It's styles are based on the sports he likes to shoot.


Daniel Milchev’s photography inspires from first sight.  His technical mastery allows him to create stunningly unique action images.  Daniel studies all aspects of photography and editing, to ensure the most desirable results from any given situation.  Able to capture shots ranging from action sports and lifestyle, to creative commercial images, he will walk away from any shoot with incredible results. 


Although a master of photography, Daniel will never feel like he has mastered every skill necessary.   He believes there is always more work, and a thousand different ways to create a single shot. 

Daniel created Action Photo School with Connor Walberg to fill the gap of action photography information that currently exists on the internet.  He seeks to create a great community for action photographers to discuss techniques, ideas, and business.

Daniel is currently sponsored by Enlightphoto( the creators of Orbis/Frio ), LumiQuest, ClikElite, Quantum, Radiopopper,  and Dirty Dog Eyewear .






Bring your action photography to the next level, Today!

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Thanks for visiting Action Photo School.