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Is your company interested in marketing to action photographers?  

A quick look around the web will turn up few results for articles that cater to action photographers, and most are on sites that aren't specifically designed for action photography.  This is where Action Photo School is different, we teach action photography exclusively, and are here to inform/train the action community.  

We only work with companies we believe in, and are therefore somewhat picky about who we sell ad space too.  This is a good thing.  We are 100% truthful with our readers, and want only the best for them.  They will quickly figure this out and take all of our advice to heart.  Products that we recommend will quickly become the standard for action photographers the world over. Are we a bit confident?  Yes!  We know what we have here, and APS is destined to be the top destination for action photographers.

Our content is aimed to teach everyone, from beginner without a camera, to world class photographer looking to pick up new skills and ideas. We provide our readers with the most entertaining and helpful experience possible and are constantly updating with new posts, videos, and techniques several times a week.  Our content is never just "thrown" together to have a post.  We craft every post to perfection to make it as helpful as possible for our readers.

We would love to have you join us as this site gets going, and hope to keep you in for the "Long Haul".   We also offer twitter tips daily through our Twitter feed here: @APhotoSchool, and run a helpful group called Action Photo School on flickr.  We hope you enjoy the APS website and look forward to working with you.  

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For more information contact Connor and Daniel at [email protected]