Landing Jobs as a Photographer.


As artsy types, us photographers are generally not all that good with business.  Most stumble along, take great photos, but can't seem to land any real work.  It's that artsy frame of mind that we think is the problem, but in reality we get in our own ways. This is not a long post about changing your life and becoming a top tier photographer.  It's merely a few suggestions from…

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Image Usage Rights Explained


Although it's not the most exciting subject, image usage rights are an extremely important part of any professional's career.  At first they may seem like a major inconvenience that's only set up to make our live's tougher, but image usage rights actually help us to make more money off of every single image. Here's a few of the main terms and what they mean: Royalty-Free:  This is a term found…

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Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown


As one of the top photo contests, the "Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown" will help you become a huge name in the industry. It's based on 3 minute slideshows that showcase your best work.  There's only a week and a half left to enter, so be sure to get your entry out now!  This is one you won't want to miss with a cash prize for 1st place of $10,000! Here's some…

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Contacts. Contacts. Contacts.


A client you already have is a thousand times easier to work with and get more work from, than trying to find a new one.  This is a solid business fact that many people overlook.  They are too busy chasing that new lead to remember the consistent leads they already have! Working with the same client who you enjoy working with makes photography much more fun.  Over the years I…

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Photocrati Review – Build Your Own Site


Recently I re-built my website at using the photocrati theme and was so impressed, I had to write a review. First off, the program is highly affordable and if you have any knowledge of web design, using wordpress, or hosting a site, then you'll find it incredibly easy to install and use.  Even if you don't have the experience, it should be simple enough to figure out using PhotoCrati's own instructions…

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The Shot List


The difference between a good photo shoot and a great photo shoot could be just in the preparation you do before the shoot.  People assume that pro photographers can get amazing images out of any situation.  As much as this is true, the preparation is what sets every true professional apart from the wannabes. The shot list is usually something that you are going to get from your client, and…

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