Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Shooting the snow message + Tips from experience.

The snow message is something that Connor Walberg and I do for Vail Resorts.  Vail resorts is a huge corporation that owns eight resorts...

Park Jumps – Snowboarding and Skiing Photography

One of the most accesible places for learning to shoot snowboarding and skiing photography is the terrain park.  It allows any photographer to capture...

Image breakdown – Double eXposure

There is nothing new about shooting skiing at night, but what's different in this photo is the double exposure. By that I mean that this...

Image Breakdown: Pow Slash

Connor Walberg explains how he captured this dynamic image.

Understanding Light – Snowboard and Ski Photography

Learn how light works to choose the best angles.

Shooting Cliffs- Snowboarding and Skiing Photography

Shooting athletes hitting cliffs is tough but rewarding.