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Gepe Card Safe Extreme Case

Gepe Card Safe Extreme

If you think about it, in digital photography the memory card is just as essential as the camera and lens.  You simply must use it for every shot you take, no matter how fancy… So it’s very important to take care of it!

As action photographers, we know that it’s pretty easy to damage or lose memory cards.  Snow, water, or mud can get in your backpack and into a card, potentially ruining it.  Once water get’s inside the card, there is a good chance you won’t be able to recover photos, and you’ll want to wait a day or so for it to dry before using it in the card reader since it could easily kill the reader or the computer!

Enter the Gepe Card Safe Extreme.  We’ve been using this for a while now and are very happy with how it works.  Since cards are so small, it’s best to keep them together in one LARGER case.  With the bigger case there is less of a chance of losing any of the cards.  The Gepe case is a good size for your pack, making it easy to keep all cards in one place.  The case is also completely watertight and floats when dropped in water.  This is a great thing if you’re shooting on a boat or over deep water.

One of the things we like most about the case (besides the fact that you can get it in a bunch of different cool colors), is that it has windows so you can see your cards in it.  We place cards in right side up if they are empty, and full cards are placed in upside down.  This way it’s easy to look and see if you have any empty cards without having to open the case.  Plus, this little strategy will ensure you don’t wipe out an important card mid shoot!

The card slots in the case are very strong, so even when you snap it open hard they won’t fall out.  Very important in the elements!  However, it’s a bit tough to take the cards out of the slots since there is no easy finger access.  We wish they would have made a bit more or of a side slot to slide a finger under the card itself for removal.

We give the Gepe Card Safe Extreme an “almost perfect” 9 out of 10.


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