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Shadows/Highlights in Photoshop


There are very few tools in photoshop that we recommend using on almost every image you edit.  Shadow’s/Highlights tool is one of those few.  It’s a tool you’ll literally want to use on almost every image you edit!

Don’t use it too strongly however or the results won’t look real anymore and you’ll get halos.  Also, not every image requires both shadows and highlights adjustments.  You will work with just the shadows adjustment most frequently.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide and tutorial video to teach you how to use these tools.  Once you’ve mastered this, check out this article in “Advanced editing” on selectively using the tool for even better results!


1)  Scroll to Images>Adjustments>Shadow/Highlights

2) Adjust slider to desired look.  Don’t overdo it here with either tool or you’ll start to notice a halo.  It’s best not to fully eliminate shadows because they add depth to the image.

3) Click OK and you’re done!

[bd_youtube id=VY6ZIVO6op0 ]

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