Landing Jobs as a Photographer.

As artsy types, us photographers are generally not all that good with business.  Most stumble along, take great photos, but can't seem to land any real work.  It's that artsy frame of mind that we think is the problem, but in reality we get in our own ways. This is not a long post about changing your life and becoming a top tier photographer.  It's merely a few suggestions from…

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What not to do on a photo shoot.

Photo by Connor Walberg

Here's a fun list of what not to do on a photo shoot, this in no way includes everything you shouldn't do.  Please comment below with more things that you shouldn't do on a shoot, and we will add those with a name credit and a link to your website. Forget vital gear (Camera, Lenses) Forget secondary gear (Flashes, Batteries, etc.) Stand in a dangerous place Step too close to a propeller or…

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7 Tips for Midday Spotty Lighting

Connor Walberg Photography

What's worse than shooting in the middle of the day, when the sun is high and the shadows are straight down?  Shooting in the middle of the day in the forest!  Midday spotty lighting is sometimes unavoidable, but with the right approach, good shots can still be captured.  Here's a few tips that will help you GTS (Get The Shot). #1:  Work with the spotty lighting.  Shoot the athlete right…

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