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Top 7 Most Viewed APS Posts


As APS grows bigger and bigger all the time, we think it's important to share the most popular posts with our new (and old) readers.  Here's our Top 7 Most Viewed Posts.  Enjoy!

  • Logo Removal:  Learn several different techniquest that will enable you to pull logos from your images using photoshop.
  • Shooting into the Sun:  Some of the best shots are taken directly into the sun.  Learn what settings will make the sun a perfect star and incorporate the sun into your images.
  • Nailing Focus:  Focus is one of the toughest parts of action photography to tackle, learn what the pros do.
  • 20 Tips Every Action Photographer Must Know: Here they are.  20 tips that will make anyone a better action photographer!
  • Back Button Auto Focus:  Use the back AF focus button to ensure that your pictures are perfectly focused.
  • Sharpening 101:  Every RAW image can use some sharpening.  The pro's techniques have been dymystified!
  • Extreme Detail:  Reveal "Extreme" detail in your images with this amazing photoshop technique.

Now that you are armed with this new found knowledge, head out and "get the shot!"


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At only 25 years old, Connor has been published in many major international publications and is a signed Getty photographer. His writing and photos have been published in Photoshop User and Light It Magazines, amongst many others. He believes that if you work at what you love, you'll be able to make a great living. Connor currently resides in Edwards, CO with his wife, Kelly, and dog Tucker. You can view his portfolio at www.cnwphoto.com


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