Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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BE THE FIRST – Winter X BTS Video

Behind the scene video with Mark McMorris, from Winter X Games 2014.

To The Ends of the Earth with Krystle Wright

“My biggest fear is regret. So I follow my curiosity to the ends of the earth. To capture the fleeting moment, the soul of...

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Sharper. Faster. Built for Action. Mark Horsburgh, Canon Master, puts the new Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, to a live action sports photography...

Adobe Lightroom Basic Adjustments

The Adobe lightroom basic adjustments panel is very powerful and allows you to apply quick and easy adjustments to make any image look way...

White Balance Explained

So you've figured out shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and think that you are all set to shoot manual ALL the time?  Well, it...

Get Photoshop to work for you with Actions

Accelerate your workflow and save time using the actions feature in Photoshop.