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Layers Introduction

Layers in Photoshop

People say that knowing layers and curves is all you need to improve your images dramatically in photoshop.  Layers are a HUGE and fundamental part of photoshop you won’t want to go without knowing.

Layers are basically images or ajustments stacked on top of other images (often times the same image on top of itself).  This way you can apply adjustments or other images to the original one in a non-destructive way.  Layers are considered non-destructive because they don’t affect the original image, only a copy of it.  If you decide that certain corrections are not appropriate you can just turn the layer off to no longer see it, or delete it altogether.

Make sure you select the layer you want to work on.

To hide and reveal images click on the “eye” icon.

Move your layers around

Copy and Delete



Layers open up a whole new world of opportunities that will change the way you edit every single image.  Enjoy!


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