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How Was The Shot Made?


Lighting can be a tough concept to understand.  One of the best ways to test your knowledge, and learn how to light, is to study images created by other photographers and see their lighting methods.  Try to guess how this was lit and what type of lens was used.

After enough guesses, we will reveal how the shot was lit in detail, and who guessed correctly.  Guess where the lights were placed, how many lights were used, and what modifiers were used.  Also, what lens type was used (fisheye, wide, tele, standard length… etc.)   Please post your best guess in the comments below.  Good luck!


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  1. Wide angle lens. One flash high camera left, one low on-camera flash at telephoto (or snooted), blue gelled flash on the back. You had the body of the camera tilted vertical so your on-camera was on your right side. You also had a flash down to your right which was dialed down for fill of the rock wall. No modifiers


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