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Don’t forget about the Details

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Details often turn out to be great shots by themselves or a great addition to the action shots you capture.  Unfortunately, it’s too easy for photographers to get caught up with camera settings and lighting, and completely forget to just look around and capture a few cool details.  Not only that, but looking for details will help you find better angles, move around, and stay creative!

The best time to look for details is after you have all the angles already figured out with the flashes good to go, but the athletes aren’t ready.  Another good time is after you’ve already nailed a radical cover shot and everyone is ready to call it quits.  Start walking around with a zoom lens looking for things that look cool:  Binding strap, dirty helmet, shiny derailleur, sunglasses reflection, or anything else that catches your eye.

You will come to find that looking for details will lead you to the coolest lifestyles and greatest angles!  Keep your eyes open and don’t forget the little things, they are what make the sport how it is.


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Hi everyone, I am a freelance commercial photographer and specialize in actions sports/lifestyle imagery. For me it’s all about putting my vision in front of the lens to get unique photos. What makes a photo unique for me is not only the photo itself, but also the way I capture it. This kind of mentality has gotten me dangerously close to the action and into some amazing situations. I have a great passion for action sports, and photography helps me stay close to the action and involved in the industry. Photography is not only something that I do, it’s my lifestyle.