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Around the World with Tim Kemple


Watch action and sports photographer, Tim Kemple, tell about his route to becoming a professional photographer, and how his work has allowed him to travel to the farthest corners of the world.

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"My name is Tim Kemple and I'm a photographer from Salt Lake City.

I followed the traditional route to becoming a full time photographer. I started out shooting editorial for small magazines and slowly that led to getting assignments and actually getting budgets to go out on shoots. Before I knew it I was getting hired to fly around the world and shoot pictures in Nepal or South America. Places that I never would have dreamt that my job could take me to.

There are nights that I go to bed and I have a picture I would want to create. It could be something as simple as a portrait of somebody I know or it could be something as crazy as flying a camera around on the bottom of a helicopter. For whatever reason I lay in bed at night and I think about creating these photographs that people will remember.

I get asked all the time how do you become a professional photographer. The most important thing that I tell people is that you need to shoot things you are passionate about. That passion could be portraits, people, it could be travel, it could be sports, it really doesn't matter but shoot something you love.

I love capturing images that people have never seen before. In order to do that we hang over waterfalls, we hang out on the side of a giant cliff, we fly around in helicopters,
we do everything we can think of to try and create a unique image.

Clients appreciate the amount of work we do on the front end before a shoot. We get the best athletes, we get the best location, we do our homework.

Being able to travel to these places, and not just be a visitor but often become part of the community whether it is skiers or climbers or mountain bikers, whatever it is. It's a really fun way to see the world. You are having fun and you are doing stupid stuff
and that is how memories are made."

Follow action and sports photographer, Tim Kemple, on his very first day shooting with the new Phase One IQ250 digital back and witness one of the craziest days Tim has had as a photographer:

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Hi everyone, I am a freelance commercial photographer and specialize in actions sports/lifestyle imagery. For me it’s all about putting my vision in front of the lens to get unique photos. What makes a photo unique for me is not only the photo itself, but also the way I capture it. This kind of mentality has gotten me dangerously close to the action and into some amazing situations. I have a great passion for action sports, and photography helps me stay close to the action and involved in the industry. Photography is not only something that I do, it’s my lifestyle.


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