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APS “Slay the Action” Photo Competition


Congratulations to our top three winners!  Winners were tough to select with so many great entries.  Thank you to all who competed, and we look forward to seeing more of your work in our upcoming competitions!  

All winners will be sent prize packages from LumiQuest, makers of the best small and portable flash modifiers on the market!

1st Place: Eric Palmer

About the Image: A friend took Malcolm "Moe" Peters & I to this huge bank on the back of a dam wall. After a little warm up on the more mellow bank on the other side they started to blast up the steep one. The sun had just gone far down enough to get the entire bank in the shade, but with a bit of light on Moe when he popped out, so I got 3 of my SB-600's & put them below him. All on full & 85mm, one slightly behind him, one directly beside him & one slightly in front. I wanted a long shot to show the size of the bank & all the interesting textures on it, so I ran to the end of the banks & sat at the top of the mellow one to the right. I needed to watch where they were popping from so I could focus & compose & was a bit trickier than the standard dirt jump or quarter shot where the action is fixed in one spot, but managed in the end. The brown tones on the right of the image is just vignetting on some of the grass growing out of the bank I was sitting on. Cam settings were: Nikon D70 – f/3.5 – 1/640th – ISO 250


2nd Place: Francois Constant

About the image:  My friend Lee is what we call a "traceur" in France, he practices parkour and freerunning.  We wanted to make this picture since a long time, but Lee wanted to be well prepared to do the jump. As you can see in the photo, this is quite high (it's 3 meters high, 9,84 foot) and he didn't want to hurt himself.  
This day, we were doing some photos, for fun, and he told me "I feel good, let's do this backflip". The sun was high in the sky and half the spot was under the shadow. Lee was backlighting so i had to use some strobs to expose him in a good way. I actually used 2 strobs, a SB-800 at 1/2 on the left, supposed to light his front, and a SB-28 at 1/2 above me, supposed to light his right side.  My Nikon D300s at 1/250 (max shutter speed with the Cactus V5 flash triggers) with a Nikkor fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8 which i like so much.  We needed 3 try to have this photo and Lee was happy that we did quick because it was really hard for his knees ! Ahah


3rd Place: Ben Birk

Chad Tarbell

About the Image:  Chad Tarbell and I had hiked off the Snow Valley Resort into the backcountry overlooking LA.  We had painstakingly carried a strobe out with us, so we set it up and waited for the nice evening light.  Chad is a great jibber and tried a bunch of tricks, but nothing can beat a classic steezy ollie. 

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