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Adobe Lightroom Basic Adjustments

The Adobe lightroom basic adjustments panel is very powerful and allows you to apply quick and easy adjustments to make any image look way...
White Balance Explained

White Balance Explained

So you've figured out shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and think that you are all set to shoot manual ALL the time?  Well, it...
Photoshop Actions

Get Photoshop to work for you with Actions

Accelerate your workflow and save time using the actions feature in Photoshop.
Image Composition

Basics of Composition

Compose images better to add excitement and accentuate the location.
One off camera flash

One Flash Technique for Great Action Shots

Shoot action with one off camera flash and balance it well with daylight to create incredible images.

Gepe Card Safe Extreme

Gepe Card Safe Extreme Case

The Gepe Card Safe Extreme is an essential part of our daily kit, find out why.