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detail photo

Don’t forget about the Details

The detail shots are the ones that few photographers remember to capture. Here is some advice on how to capture these shots and get something truly unique and amazing.
How to find athletes to photograph

How to Find Athletes to Shoot With

Finding great athletes to shoot with can be one of the toughest tasks for any photographer who wants to become a professional. Here is some advice that will help you get great athletes to shoot with.
10 tips for snow photography

10 Tips for Successful Ski and Snowboard Photography

Use these 10 tips to capture your best skiing/snowboarding photos ever!

Skateboard Photography Tips

10 Basic tips for capturing sick skateboarding images. Shoot knowing these tips and capture your best skate images yet!

Creative angle

Get Creative With Unique Angles

Spend time thinking about shots and different lens choices to create the most unique images possible.
Telephoto Capture

Compress the image and go long

Shooting with a telephoto lens can compress your photos to bring background elements closer.