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Shadow and Highlights Toolvideo

Shadows/Highlights in Photoshop

The shadow/highlights tool is a great go-to weapon for editing almost any image. Learn how to use it!
Shoot in RAW, not JPEG

Shoot in RAW. Don’t mess with JPEG!

Shooting in camera RAW allows you to fully control the editing and processing of your images. It's the best way to shoot for multiple reasons!
ISO Explained

ISO Sensitivity and Action Explained

Control ISO to create high-impact images in all types of lighting.

Aperture and Action Explained

Master aperture as one of the three vital camera controls.
Shutter Speed Action

Shutter Speed and Action Explained

Learn how to control shutter speed for sharp (or blurred) action images.
Finding the Best Angle

Find the Best Angle

The angle can make or break an image. These techniques will help you to find the best angles for any location.